Who can use Talking Stick?

What makes Talking Stick so special is that it was created right here in Saskatchewan! The app is all about connecting Indigenous people with others who understand their language, culture, and ways. It’s like having conversations with someone who gets you and where you’re coming from. The best part is that it’s always anonymous, so anyone can use it without worrying about their identity being revealed. It’s open to anyone who wants to use it, no matter who they are. So, if you need someone to talk to or listen to you, this app is here for you!

Is this really anonymous? I am worried someone else will read what I chat about.

As a “Guest” of the Talking Stick App, your identity is always anonymous, and nothing you chat about is saved or shared. As soon as the chat ends, the chat history is automatically deleted from your phone or computer. It’s just a real conversation with a real person. There is no judgment, only support.

There is no login, no password, no need to sign up or share your email. Click on “Chat now” to be connected to someone.

What is a Peer Advocate exactly?
Peer Advocates are people from Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan just like you, who want to give back and provide support to others who might be struggling. They are not health professionals or licensed counsellors. Peer Advocates must be at least 16 years old and older, they must be Indigenous, and they must live in the province.

Peer Advocates will NEVER judge, shame, or criticize you, and they will never tell you what to think, or what to do. Peer Advocates will never ask your name or need to know who you are. They are trained to listen, provide comfort, and offer you a safe place to feel heard.

I love the image of the buffalo on your website. Who is the artist that created this?
Brandy Jones is an Inuvialuit and Gwitch’in artist originally from Williams Lake, British Columbia who now makes her home on Treaty 4 Territory in Regina, Saskatchewan. Brandy’s work is a mixture of native arts, the bright colours represent every Indigenous Nation. She is inspired by many different forms of Indigenous art, and her work represents the marriage of all Indigenous nations. Brandy has an original style that celebrates the beauty, success, hardships, and perseverance of all Indigenous peoples. She uses her gifts to advocate, educate, inspire, and motivate people to explore Indigenous culture. Brandy is privileged to work full-time as an artist. Brandy’s artwork can be found under the name BrandyJonesIndigenousArtist @Tiktok, on Instagram or Facebook.
The art piece featured on the Talking Stick website and app, is titled “White Buffalo Calf Woman”. The original artwork was in the form of an acrylic painting, created by Brandy in 2023.
Who created Talking Stick?
Talking Stick was developed by the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations in partnership with TryCycle Data Systems Inc. TryCycle is a proudly Canadian company that creates digital health solutions that connect people through technology.